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Art Show at a Boston Yoga Studio

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Protest through Yoga

Off the Mat, into the World and hundreds of yogis recently joined the revolution at Occupy Wall Street.  Seane Corn, founder of the non-profit, gave a great speech saying,

“This gathering is not about being ‘against’ something or someone. It is about being ‘for’ unity, freedom of speech, and justice.”

Because we are inspired to support the protest, a couple of us yogis are organizing to do yoga at Occupy Boston.  If you are interested in participating, please let me know.  We welcome anyone who wants to come yoga with us or take pictures of the event.  Also, if you are a musician or a band, we’d love for you to come play some sweet tunes.

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Free Yoga This Weekend

South Boston Yoga is having a grand opening of their studio this weekend Oct 1 -3.  Help warm up the new space that includes four studios and enjoy lots of fun classes including Hot Yoga,  Aerial/Swings, Capoeira, Afro Flow Yoga, and much more.  Check out the full schedule.

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Ssshhh… Don’t Tell Anyone. Tell EVERYONE.

South Boston Yoga is having a soft opening tonight for their brand spankin’ new studio.  To celebrate, the 5:45 class will be a “round robin” taught by all SBY staff with live music by Irene Solea, a kirtan musician.  This will be followed by a
concert with Irene and her 6 person band!  Yoga class is $5 and the concert is $5.

If you can’t make the soft opening, then be sure to check out SBY’s grand opening from October 1 – 3.  Classes are free all weekend.  Finally, if that still doesn’t work for you, yoga classes are $5 starting today until October 15.

I don’t know about you but I love when I get cheap yoga classes. 🙂

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Yogi Musings

This summer I decided that I wanted to become a yoga instructor.  After careful consideration, I enrolled in The Body Awakening Structural Yoga Teacher Training at South Boston Yoga.  This past week was our Immersion Week, seven days of practicing yoga, teaching, chanting, learning about yoga, and exploring ourselves.  To say the least, it has been incredible.

One thing that I found surprising about our Immersion Week was the great deal of emotions.  It makes sense, though, since most people in the program had found enlightenment and/or calm with yoga from the various problems in their lives.  We shared a lot, cried a lot, and learned an enormous amount about ourselves and each other.  There was nothing but love and understanding for all.  I feel so very lucky to have experienced it.

Now, we meet about every other Saturday for training.  It will be quite odd to not be doing yoga every morning and getting to see my new friends.  I can’t wait to meet again!