Youth Revolt

Several weeks ago, I visited Occupy Boston at Dewey Square.  I wanted to find about teaching yoga there but I also wanted to take in the atmosphere and meet some people.  I left impressed and inspired by people’s dedication and motivation.  Additionally, I felt pride, particularly for those in my generation.

A couple of years ago, I read an article in the newspaper (or maybe a magazine article) about how my generation, Y, is complacent.  Whereas our parents, the Baby Boomers, were protesting the Vietnam War and other great causes, Generation Y had not done much about 9/11, the war, or the economy.  And so, the author concluded that we were lazy (as well as others) and lacked political activism and solidarity.  Well, I think the Occupy Movement has proven that Generation Y does care and that we will act.

In fact, most of the participants and dwellers of Occupy Boston were students or young professionals under the age of 35.  I’m not sure if this holds true at other Occupy movements, but I’m sure Generation Y make up a significant portion.  While the current economic situation is affecting most families and individuals, I think we are one of the hardest hit groups.  Not only are we in debt from our school loans, but we can’t even get jobs to pay off our loans.  So while Generation Y may have been less eager to protest before, now we demand a revolution.

If you haven’t visited Occupy Boston, or the closest Occupy movement to you, I urge you to do so.  Try to leave behind your doubts, fears, and expectations.  Just go experience it for yourself.

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