I Have a Confession To Make

I like Katy Perry’s song “Teenage Dream”.  There I said it.  What a relief!

I used to loathe the song.  I thought it had ridiculous lyrics (e.g., skin tight jeans) and found Katy’s voice painfully irritating.  But then, Glee used the song for its episode “Never Been Kissed” and I fell in love.  Well, actually, I fell in love with Darren Criss, whose good looks and smooth voice have led me to do intense research on his life.  Don’t judge.  However, watching Darren Criss’s character, Blaine, sing made me realize why the song is great.  It’s about teen love in all its glory.  Teen love is innocent, new, and perfect.

I recently had a conversation with a friend how I will never love like I did my first love.  She agreed that no one ever does.  We now know how much it hurts to have our hearts broken and how long it can take to recover.  As adults, we love with reservations.  We enter relationships hesitantly and carefully, making every effort to not get hurt.  But “Teenage Dream” celebrates that first encounter with love and feeling immortal.  And, that is why I now love the song.  It reminds of that feeling.  Though, I do prefer Glee’s version.

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