Healthy Food Fast – Clover Food Lab

I first heard about Clover Food Lab this summer when I heard they had an awesome food truck at MIT.  Then, I was able to try some of their food at SOWA and immediately became a fan.  Most recently, I was walking around Harvard Square and much to my surprise ran into one of their “fast food” restaurants.  It opened up just recently.

So what is Clover Food Lab?  And why do I claim it’s healthy?  Well, all of their food is vegetarian and local.  When possible, it’s organic and the menu changes according to the seasons making Clover sustainable, too.  To top it all off, the trucks run on biodiesel fuel.

Today, I was lucky enough to stop in at their Harvard Square locale for some fresh soup.  I choose the butternut squash soup and it was delicious.  I’m eager to try one of their sandwiches, all of which cost $5.  Be sure to check out their Harvard Square restaurant, which is a very cool space.  It’s all white and very minimalistic.

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